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Insurance, loans and other financial products can be difficult to understand. Buyers don't always know what they’re getting, what’s included and what isn't. There are many options out there, but not a lot of transparency. Are you trying to make an informed decision? That’s where we come in.

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We bring together great international talent and the best technology to revolutionize the comparison experience through accessible, simple and anonymous comparison tools. See and evaluate your insurance, credit offers and investment options. Our tools and guides and free to readers.

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To become Switzerland's number one platform for comparing financial products. With millions of visitors this past year we are on track to do just that. Thank you to all of our readers.

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Solving a problem that affects us all

"HelloSafe was born out of a desire to clarify complex insurance and personal finance jargon and incomprehensible fine print. We strive to make it easy to compare products and services because they touch our lives daily."

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The insurance and financial investment market is a behemoth (more than $1 trillion in 2020). Even as it attracts more and more players, it can frustrate clients because of:

  • Increased fragmentation (insurers, brokers, distributors etc.)
  • Unfamiliar products
  • Advisor bias
  • Increasing premiums

These factors make it difficult to effectively compare providers and choose the insurance or financial products that are right for you. Buyers worldwide spend more on coverage each year because they don't know how to compare and switch providers.

HelloSafe was born out of a desire to clarify complex insurance and personal finance jargon and incomprehensible fine print. We strive to make it easy to compare products and services because they touch our lives daily.

We created HelloSafe with a simple goal: to make the comparison experience transparent, free, simple and anonymous so that everyone can make better-informed financial choices.

Be smarter with your money ⇒ Compare with HelloSafe. Free and accessible comparison tools and calculators accompanied by guides written by finance and insurance experts.

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Frequently asked questions

What is HelloSafe?

HelloSafe is a website for comparing the best insurance and financial products. We provide users with hundreds of free, instant and anonymous comparison tools to offer more transparency to the market and enable everyone to make the best financial decisions.

How can HelloSafe offer its tools for free?

We are compensated by our trusted partners in exchange for offering them greater visibility. Our guides, tools and comparison tools are and will remain free FOR LIFE for our users. You don't pay more when you visit a partner through our website. On the contrary, we are often able to obtain competitive coupon codes and discounts for users.

What makes HelloSafe stand out from the competition?

Our one-page tools show you the best offers on the market for your profile instantly and anonymously. We save you dozens of hours of research and comparing through free expert guides and calculators. Easier and better financial decision-making starts here.

Why should you trust HelloSafe?

We dedicate our time and care to researching, comparing and dissecting the best offers on the market.
Today, more than one million monthly users use HelloSafe's comparison tools, reviews and guides to make better choices for their wallets. Don't wait. Start saving now.

How do you handle personal data?

HelloSafe's comparison tools are free and anonymous. We don't ask for your name or email address in exchange for access to information. In some cases, it may be necessary to ask more about you in order to
find the best deal for you. In these cases, if you agree to submit the requested details, we only use them to direct you to the best deals while complying with applicable laws and obligations.

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